4 cases of minority persecution by Awami League 2011: Odhikar Annual Report

logo3In January 2011, violence took place in Shailkupa under Jhenaidah district on January 13, 2011 after the municipal election. The supporters of Awami League backed candidate Toiyabur Rahman physically assaulted businessmen and forcefully locked  up their shops after Toiyabur Rahman lost the election. It has been alleged that shops that were under attack mostly belonged to businessmen from the religious minority community. Most of the jewellery shops, owned by religious minority communities, in Shailkupa town have shut down after this incident.

On April 5, 2011, supporters of local Awami League parliamentarian Zahid Malek Swapon attacked a Hindu temple and ransacked Hindu homes at Ukiara Bazar under Manikganj district. The attackers ransacked the Durga temple and allegedly set fire to four houses and a shop belonging to the religious minority community. Hearing this, Manikganj representative of a private TV channel, Bangla Vision and reporter of the daily Shomokal, Biplob Chokroborty; and private channel ATN Bangla representative Abul Kalam Azad rushed to the spot. Awami League activists attacked and wounded them allegedly under the instructions of Manikganj District Awami League Religious Affairs Secretary Israfil Hossain. The attackers also took away their cell phones and cameras.

On July 2, 2011, supporters of District Awami League leader Miraz Khan, who was a Chairman candidate of Falsuti Union Parishad in Faridpur, attacked the house of Keshab Chandra, a member of the Hindu community, of Rampasha village. Attackers beat and severely injured Keshab Chandra’s brother Chitto Saha, his son Chanchal Saha and another brother Sachin Kumar Saha. They allegedly took away gold
ornaments and cash and also assaulted the women of the house.
In August, Gopalganj City Awami League Joint General Secretary, Mahbubur Rahman Digol; and Shohel and Shohag, sons of District Awami League President Raja Mia, occupied two decimals of land belonging to Saint Mathuranath AG Mission
and six decimals of land of Babul Biswas, son of Nirmol Biswas of Christianpara. They also occupied and locked up the house of Babul Biswas. On August 2, 2011, both parties appeared at the police station when Sub Inspector Masudur Rahman
asked them to come for a settlement. Christian Fellowship leaders alleged that Shohel assaulted Miapara AG Church Supervisor Reverend Josef Pandey and beat Christian Fellowship leader Mitul Bala in front of the police.

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