Police obstruct Tribal Festival

Police obstruct Tribal Festival

The indigenous tribes of Khagrachari bring a rally to observe the International Indigenous Day had been foiled by the police. || Prothom Alo

Festivals and colorful rallies of International Indigenous Day had been foiled at least three places for police obstruction at Jaipurhat and Khagrachori district. The indigenous people alleged that police had beaten one Indigenous leader.
Meanwhile, police also obstructed couple of buses at Khagrachori which were heading to join another program to mark the international day.
General Secretary of Bangladesh Adivashi Forum Sanjib Drong informed Prothom Alo that police had barred observing the international day. “The indigenous people in Bangladesh are observing the day for 15 years. In the meantime, governments have been changed. But no government obstructed marking the day. It is a UN declared day and government should have observed the day. But government has barred the people to observe it”, said Sanjb Drong. He also termed the police move as hostility of the government to the indigenous people.

Information Source: Daily Prothom Alo; August 10, 2012.

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