Ruling Party Men Occupied Church Asset of 300 million Taka in Barishal

the Christian community form a human chain in Barisal city

The men and women of the Christian community form a human chain in Barisal city to protest the ouster of the property of the Baptist Church by Awami League leader (left). The signboard on Baptist Church property (right). || Daily Prothom Alo

Tension mounted at Barishal city over occupation of Church asset worth of 30 crore taka ( 300 million). On Saturday evening, the incident occurred at Baptist Mission Road. In filmy style, Khan Sons, a leading industrial group of the country, kept some 50 Christian families in extreme anxiety hoisted new territory wall. Influential Awami League leader and Commissioner of the area Shafiqul Alam Gulzar and hundreds of ruling party men helped the industrial group people to complete the occupation.

The victims have kept the Church locked protesting the occupation of the Church asset. They also declared not to conduct prayer till the Church become free. Meanwhile, the Khan Sons Group claimed that they had bought the land and as per the court directives they had established their occupation.

Information Source: Daily Jugantor, September 10, 2012; and Daily Prothom Alo, September 11, 2012

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