Hindu Committee Accuses Ruling Party of Vandalism

Last Friday, temples were once again vandalised by Awami League Cadres in the village Kalirhat,Begomgong, Noakhali.

Saha Alam, a local resident, informed that at 1am four or five cadres attacked the temples and smashed its boundary walls. When people started shouting for help, they left. Modusun Bhoumik, the president of the local temple association informed that last Friday they started renovating the temples with 8-10 workers. On that night, the mobs, including Yusuf and Saiful attacked the temples in a pre-planned manner. He also added that on 28th February they vandalised the temples in a similar way.

The Police ASP of Begomgonj acknowledged the events of that night in the temple and said the mobs attacked the temple over the dispute of the temple’s land. He also said legal action will be taken against the mobs.

It is worth noting that, on 28th February, worshippers from the general public and Jamaat-Shibir led a protest against Sayeedi’s death penalty verdict. Exactly at that time, mobs attacked, looted and vandalised some Hindu homes in the neighbouring village Aladinogor. But they media and people from a certain group used this outrageous wreckage to divert the attention and blamed Jamaat Shibir. They even attempted to blame Jamaat Shibir leaders who were not present in the area on that day.

Deputy Commissioner of Noakhali, Omullo Kumar Das, one of the owners of the houses that were looted and the locals informed that this incident did not happen under the banner of any political party. Sarati Rani Das, a resident of the house, said a group of mobs entered the house with sticks and knives at late night and started looting. Even though the neighbouring Muslim came to help them, they were forced to flee in the fear of the weapons carried by the mobs. After looting, the mobs burned down the slum with gunpowder. Then they pillaged and vandalised the temples.

Locals also informed that, the protesters did not enter their houses. A group of 16-17 year old boys from the local Mojumdarhat area were involved in these incidents with weapons. Police arrested 42 people who are alleged to be involved in these incidents.

Source: Naya Diganta

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