Awami League members attack Buddhist family home over land case

Buddhist family homeTranslation, Amader Shomoy Report 28 May 2013: A Buddhist family’s home was vandalized and attacked by ruling party Awami League membes and supporters in Comilla

Reported by Imtiaz Ahmed Jitu, Comilla

Comilla District Commissioner and Krishokleague (Awami League agricultural association) Central Executive President Alhajj Md Omar Farukh and his groups attacked a Buddhist family in Thakurpara, Comilla regarding a land related case. They want the family to take the case out of the High Court.

This incident happened last Sunday night. The thugs attacked twice, Dr. Shugoto Proshad’s house in Kalitola which is right next to Buddhist Temple from Thakurpara in Comilla. No one was home beside Dr. Shugoto Barua, his wife and son’s wife. These attackers got into the house with the local arms and damaged the properties inside the house such as television, windows, water containers etc. During this time they took the cellular phone from the house. Today Comilla District Commissioner Md Tofazzol Miah and Assistant Police Super Ashraful Islam Vuiyan visited the place in the morning.

Bina Rani, wife of Dr. Shugoto Barua had complained that these goons threatened her family to take land related case off from the High court. Bina Rani also said that they are dealing with a case against Md. Omar Faruq about some land. She also said that one group of thugs came in the evening to threaten them, and then came back again to attack suddenly and damaged house properties last night.

When Krishokleagues Central Assistant Executive President Omar Faruq was asked about this incident, he denied it and said that he never was involved with this type of actions and never will be. He despised this incident and requests the police to do inquiry about this issue. He also mentioned that he doesn’t believe in this type of mobster actions. He thinks that this incident is little suspicious. He is assuming if any third party is involved on it or not.

Assistant Police Super Ashraful Islam Vuiyan said that this is not a religion based incident. According to the family, this incident started based on a land related case. He also said, Police were assigned in that area after this affair.

Source: Amader Shomoy

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