Land property grabbed after Hindu temple demolished

A Hindu temple was demolished and a homestead vandalised in a bid to grab the property of a Hindu family at Pagla in Narayangan early on Thursday morning.
The miscreants led by Akhter Hossain Mollah also assaulted the tenants of the house when they forcefully evicted them.
They looted the corrugated iron house and erected a signboard claiming that ‘The owners of the property is Akhter Hossain Mollah, son of Alhaz Awlad Hossain Mollah’, witnesses said.
After a few hours, Police reached the spot and brought the situation under their control, they said.
Sunil Poddar told New Age that he inherited the property and had been regularly paying taxes.
‘I have paid taxes till last year,’ he added.
Sunil with his family live in Dhanmondi in Dhaka and had rented the house out at Pagla for several years.
Sunil filed a general diary with Fatulla Police Station.
Sajal Poddar, Sunil’s son said on Friday that they were preparing to file a case against the miscreants.
Shapna Rani, the tenant of Sunil’s house, said that nearly 100 men with sticks came to the house at around 5:30am.
Fatulla Police Station officer in charge told New Age that Akhter Hossain also claimed that he bought the property and had proper documentation.
‘We are scrutinising the documents of both parties,’ he said.
When asked about the demolition of the Hindu temple, he said, “it is nothing significant. It was a small, old dilapidated temple.’


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