President of Minorities Party: Oppression on Minorities Highest During Awami League Rule

sdgfThe incidents of oppression on the minority population is highest in the time of Awami League government, The president of Bangladesh Minority Party, Shachindra Lal Dey claimed. According to a statistics, 478 temples and pagodas and 124 business’s came under attack, and incidents of setting fire and looting took place during this time.

He made the statement at a press conference last Thursday (31 October) at The Dhaka Reporters Unity auditorium, where Dr. Biswanath Sarkar, General Secretary of the organization was present.

Mr. Dey said, attacks took place in Nadirhat, Bashkhali, Ramu in Chittagong district , Chirirbandar in Dinajpur district, Chakordah of Kaligonj in Satkhira District and other areas of the country. Attackers set fire on tramples, pagodas and businesses where 17 teenagers were raped, among them 8 were killed afterwards.

Persident further confirmed, mass people including the minority population of the the country are in panic. Under the circumstances, every citizen should be united to free the country from the evil power by helping to hold a free and fair general election.

Source: Progress Bangladesh

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