Attack on minority in Pabna led by Awami League: NHRC

According to the monitoring report of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), minorities have been attacked under the leadership of ruling party Awami League in a pre-planned manner in Santhia upazilla of Pabna.

The report stated that the incident occurred when the Awami League activists were refused to be paid extortion money.

The commission prepared this monitoring report on the incident of attack and looting in the Hindu-inhabited three villages of Santhia upazilla on November 2. The report made 10 recommendations as remedy for the incident.

A four -member team led by the National Human Rights Commission Chairman Mizanur Rahman visited the affected areas on November 7. Later the monitoring report was made.

The Chairman of the Commission sent a letter to the Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain  Bhuyian highlighting this observation on November 14.

About the initiation of the incident the report and the letter stated that, some young men attacked Bablu Saha’s home on November 2, raising the allegation that Rajib Saha, son of businessman Bablu Saha of Banogram Bazar of the upazilla, made Facebook comments criticizing Prophet Muhamaad (SAAS). They took print out of the said copies of Facebook comment while attacking Bablu Saha’s home.

They demanded to hand over Rajib to them. Later they called protest rally at Banogram Bazar at 12 noon. At that time the terrorists attacked, looted and vandalized around 30 to 40 houses of the Hindu community in Banopara Bazar, Sahapara and Ghospara including Bablu Saha’s one. They also vandalized two temples.

The report states that some opportunist people conducted attack on minority inciting the general mass in the name of religion. The indirect goal was to cripple the Hindus economically by destroying their businesses.

The report stated, Bablu Saha used to pay extortion money regularly. The gruesomeness of the event could have been prevented, if timely and appropriate action were taken by the administration. It is yet to be indentified who printed Facebook copy and distributed its photocopy.  The intelligence agencies failed absolutely in preventing such incident.

In the letter to Cabinet secretary Mosharraf Hosssain it was said, on the day of the incident the miscreants openly put barricade on the road and declared rally in the Bazar. It needs to be seriously considered that why the intelligent agencies failed to provide information to the government before the incident took placeand whose interest they protect.

The report stated that there was tremendous failure of the intelligence agencies in collecting and providing information to the government regarding the attacks on minority in the different places of the country including Ramu, Bashkhali and Santhia.

Two cases were filed after the incident, but according to local people the miscreants are roaming free under political shelter, the report stated.  The local people said that the Hindus pay extortion money regularly to the local terrorists.

Citing the local people, the Commission observed that many Muslims were injured in that day when they tried to protect the Hindus.

The report made 10-point recommendations. It includes identifying real criminals by watching video footage, identifying people who distributed printed copies of Facebook comment , identifying who instigated people by using microphone of the mosque, and dealing with them in accordance with existing laws to ensure justice.

Source: RTNN

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