Awami League attacked Hindus in Kushtia

Awami League leader Abdul Mannan and his people called the local Hindu people to join a party procession, but they refused.

Therefore ruling party Awami thugs attacked the Hindu minority people in Kushtia Ghoshpara.

Whenever Awami League come into power abuses Hindus and the largest beneficiary of this kind of brutal activities. It’s ironical that it’s this political party which enjoys maximum support from the Hindu community. Awami League who gives lip service to them but continues to ensure their continuous repression for their political gain.

By creating communal violence Awami League trying to get political advantage over the opposition alliance especially Bangladesh Jamaate Islami. When Awami League the ruling party of Bangladesh loot their property, burn their homes and try to drive them out Hindus are hang on to the AL who hardly ever protect them but use them as political guinea pig by making them the enemies of the opposition party and then use the ensuing publicity for political gain.

According to the oppressed Hindu minority of Ghospara of Dayarampur, Kumarkhali, Kustia the Upozila Awami League men invited them to attend their Independence Day’s procession. When they refused to join with them, then about 9 pm on that day by the command of the Upozila Awami League President Abdul Mannan, Awami cadre Isha and his people burnt the homes of Kartik Ghosh, Madan Ghosh and Robi Ghosh and looted their properties.

It is clear by the above evidence that Awami League men are actively committing this kind of brutal activities in different places around the country and let it happen knowing the attacks would serve their political ends.

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