Jamaat demands UN probe into minority attack

Jessore-Capa-tola-picJamaat-e-Islami urges to form an independent inquiry commission under the supervision of the United Nations to identify the real miscreants in order to take legal steps against them.

In a statement issued on  Wednesday, acting secretary general of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman said, “We have been observing with great concern that, the government has been carrying attack on the minority establishments in different places of the country in a preplanned way to create an anarchic situation and simultaneously hatching conspiracy to shift the blame on Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Chhatra Shibir. Till now, the involvement of ruling party’s wing organization including Chhatra League, Jubo League, Shechchashebok League and Awami League cadres have been found in all such type misdeeds.

Due to their malpractices of certain media, he said, “the real story is being concealed and the real criminals are encouraged to engage in further criminal acts with more enthusiasm. Subsequently, the unfortunate minority sections are becoming the worst victim of this malicious political game.”

The statement highlighted some media reports as follows:

-Attack on the Hindu temple in Krishnopur Upazila of Noakhali by the thugs of the ruling party. The local Puja committee (Hindu people’s prayer program arrangement committee) filed case with the local police station against 10 ruling party cadres.

-Attack the Hindu people’s houses in Tangail district by AL goons. Following the incident, a writ petition was filed by the victims in the High Court seeking immediate remedy. Consequently, the High Court directed the authorities concern to arrest the involved Awami League leaders and workers.

-Jubo League cadres were arrested while carrying attack and vandalism upon the Hindu communities in Sathia under Pabna district.

-A Jubo League leader was detained while attacking on the Shahid Minar (a monument to the Language Movement) in Bogra district.

-3 Chhatra League cadres had been arrested while attacking the house of Tribunal-1 justice Jahangir Hossen in his native village.

-Several Jubo League workers had been captured while throwing cocktail (crude bomb) towards an army vehicle in Feni district.

-Another Jubo League activist was caught while stealing an idol from a religious temple of the minorities in Mymensingh.

-One Jubo League activist was arrested in Satkhira while setting fire to the houses of minorities. A mobile court sentenced him to imprisonment for one year.

-In Magura District, 3 members of Jubo League were arrested by the police while throwing petrol bombs on a police van.

-The Principal of Shujabad Primary School of Shajahanpur Upazilla in Bogra district was arrested while setting fire to his own school.

-Awami League men carried inhuman violence and anarchy upon the minority community in Avoynagar of Jessore district. Mr. Ranjit Kumar Roy, the winning candidate of the voter less election of 5th January stated in a recent interview that, the cadres of his opponent candidate and local Awami League leader Sheikh Abdul Wahab had carried the attack on minorities.

But surprisingly, PM Hasina, Awami League’s General Secretary Syed Ashraful Islam and Education Minister declared just after the incident and without any investigation that, Jamaat-Shibir men had carried the misdeeds. Several dailies have already published their statement as well.

-During the tenure of this government, Jubo League men carried attack on the Buddhist people and their establishment in Ramu of Cox’s Bazar district.

-Jammat has expressed its deep concern over the incidents and urged “to form an independent inquiry commission comprising the representatives of different human rights bodies of the world under the direct supervision of the United Nations in order to reveal the real fact and to stop the ongoing violence, vandalism and anarchy against the minorities immediately.”

The statement also read,  “We are seeking immediate UN intervention in this regard as well. We are ready to assist the inquiry commission in their investigation process by submitting the details of the envious incidents that had been taken place in Bangladesh in recent times.”

If any member of Jamaat or Shibir is found to be involved of any act of violence by a proper investigation, Jamaat promised to take punitive measures against him.

Rahman also demanded to set up close circuit camera (CCTV) to ensure the security of the houses and religious establishments of the minorities.

Calling upon the government to stop malicious game with the lives and properties of the minorities and urging the countrymen to form all out resistance against the heinous conspiracy, the statement expressed Jamaat’s hope and expect that, the government and the political parties will be more sincere and efficient in conducting their constructive and systematic political activities in the upcoming days.


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