BBC report: Awami League involved in Minority torture – Subrata Chowdhury


Attacks on the minority has increasingly become a norm after any national election and the victims have alleged that perpetrators have never been brought to justice. Government and the oppositions are blaming each other instead of solving the issue once and for all. Jamaat – shibir is widely being blamed for recent attacks on the minority in the country. But the leaders of Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council do not agree with the government in this regard and claimed that leaders of ruling Awami League party are directly involved in attacking the minority community.

Advocate Subrata Chowdhury, a leader of Hindu Buddhist Unity Council in an interview with BBC Bangla said that, it has now become a slogan that Jamaat and Shibir are responsible for the attack on the minority but in many cases evidences are there that Awami league’s leaders are involved with recent spate of attacks on the minority. He questioned that, Jamat-Shibir or whoever are involved with attacking the minority why no arrest has been made? Not only BNP and Jamaat are involved with recent attacks on the minority but in many places Awami League leaders are actively taking part, Subrata added.

Human Rights Lawyer Z I Panna told BBC Bangla that attacks on the minority always lost in the political vortex that took place at different times. Political agenda always played pivotal role in these attacks. Demolition of Babri mosque in 2001 and recent events of 2014 have played as catalyst for minority persecution. As political agendas behind these attacks played significant role, the perpetrators were never brought to justice, she added. She also said that, condemning the attacks and enforcing justice are not the same.

Since March 2013 and after that many Hindu houses and temple have been attacked and government as usual shifted the blame on Jamaat and BNP whereas both BNP and Jamaat claimed that government is involved with these incidence. However after 5 January 2014 the home ministry has sent directives to the district administrators to bring the perpetrators of the recent incidence to justice without delay.

After 5 January Election, temples, houses and properties of the Hindu Community came under attack. Government pointed its fingers at Jamaat-e-Islami but jamaat denied the allegation and claimed that government supporters are involved with these incidences. Although government and oppositions blamed each other for the attack, one thing is obvious that perpetrators have never been brought to justice to reconcile these attacks. Media from home and abroad has always covered these attacks on the minority well but at the sametime political parties shifted blame on each other whereas victims never got justice.

Subrata Chowdhury said that, a blame culture within the political parties is denying the justice for the victims. It has become a norm that no matter what, attackers will always be able to escape the justice. Also, no action has been taken against those officers who failed to safeguard the minority.

Officers in the home ministry said that government has taken a zero tolerance policy regarding the attack on the minority. Additional Secretary Mr Kamal Uddin informed the journalist that district administrators have been given special instructions to send detail reports on minority attack. He also said that if necessary a fast track trial will be held and cases will be filed for individual incidence. The government is also considering to form a special tribunal to bring those to justice who tortured the members of the minority community after 2001 election.

Meanwhile Human Rights activist and executive director of ‘Manusher Jonno’ a nongovernmental organisation Shaheen Anam said that, not only after the election but in 2013 there were records of 500 attacks on the members of the minority community that took place in different parts of the country. 280 houses and 208 businesses had been vandalised and looted and government failed to tackle that. She also said that, many election observers have supplied a list of vulnerable places before the election to the government, but no measurement have been taken.


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