Blaming Jamaat for Minority Attacks is Government Propaganda, says Govt Human Rights Commission Chair Dr Mizan


Dr. Mijanur Rahman, the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, dubs the story that only Jamaat-Shibir is responsible for the attacks on the minority community to be government propaganda. He says, “The government cannot avoid responsibility merely blaming Jamaat-Shibir. I got the list of the attackers provided by the local puja celebration councils. So, don’t tell me those government stories.”

On Thursday at noon, Dr Mijanur Rahman made these comments while visiting Malopara, an affected community of post-electoral violence, in Avaynagar, Jessore.

He says that those who commit the heinous acts of attacking and burning the houses and temples of the minority community cannot have any political identity.

He also says, “If my neighbors had done this to me, I could not have forgiven them even in ten years. Please tell me the names of the real perpetrators; only then can we take actions against them.”

Jessore-Capa-tola-picDuring the visit, he talked to the affected people. He urges the affected people to provide information about the perpetrators to the Council in private if they cannot do so in public. Then it would be easier to take actions against those miscreants, he informs.

The Chairman of the Human Rights Commission says to the journalists, “We, the Muslims, the Hindus, the Christians and the Buddhists, are living in Bangladesh with mutual trust and love to each other. If ever there is even a little crack in this trust, it is very difficult to repair that. It is possible to provide shelter and food to the victims but it is not easy to return the lost trust.

He urges the administration to identify the terrorists and bring them to book immediately.

During the visit, the Directors of the Human Rights Commission, the District Commissioner of Jessore Mr. Mustafijur Rahman, the Chairman of Avaynagar Upozilla Mr. Abdul Malek and leaders of different social organizations were present.

Translated from Sheersha News

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