Minority attacks: District Commissioners’ letter to gov’t ministries blame ruling party members

Several newspapers have reported that local administrators (DCs) have sent letters to relevant government ministries, stating that Ruling Party, Awami League members have been implicated in minority attacks.

New Nation report: ‘…Meanwhile reports said, deputy commissioners in the troubled hit areas have written letters to the cabinet divisions and the home ministry informing the nature of attacks and violence on the Hidu community. In those letters, local leaders of the ruling party have been reportedly blamed for indirect involvement in the attacks. In addition to that, they have recommended the enhancement of security at Hindu dominated areas.

Reports said DCs of Shatkira, Dinajpur, Jessore and Bagerhat have already sent letters to the concerned ministries. It further said, on receipt of the letters, Prime Minister’s adviser on foreign affairs Dr Gawher Rizvi and senior secretary for home ministry CQK Mushtaque Ahmed started to go on a visit to the affected areas with a team. But they turned back due to thick fog hindering movement.

When asked, DC of Jessore Md Mustafizur Rahman told the new nation yesterday that he has only described the situation in his letter, why it happened and who were involved in the incident.

Another news report carried out by Sheersha News said ‘Hindu Buddha, Christian Oikya Parishad’ leaders Subrata Chowdhury has said it has become a common slogan to blame Jamaat-Shibir for communal violence. But the reality is that they are not involved, rather Awami League leaders and workers are involved in it.

The online agency quoted Subrata Chowdhury from a BBC interview as saying after the January 5 election when violence broke out against the Hindu community at many places across the country, that it has become a practice to trade blame by one political party over the other when such incidents take place. It has become a culture because the attackers were never taken to the book.

He raised the question if Jamaat-Shir men have carried out the attack or anyone else has done it why the government is not taking them to book. He also demanded punishment to the functionaries in the local administration who have failed to tackle the situation.’

(SOURCE : New Nation)

Translation of Manab Zamin report:
With reference to the situation of attacks on minorities and their suffering throughout different districts, the District Commissioners (DCs) are sending letters to the Cabinet Division and State Ministry. Having received those letters the related divisions of the Govt. have become astonished. The letters have condemned ruling party members for attacks on minority communities. In addition increase in security measures in Minority dominated areas has also been requested. The DCs of Sathkhira, Dinajpur, Jessor and Bagherhat have sent their letters regarding the Minority issue. Immediately after getting those letters, a team led by Dr. Gahor Rijvi, the Foreign Affairs Advisor to PM, and C Q K Mustak, Senior Secretary of the State Ministry, has started for going to the affected area. But they returned back not reaching the destination due to densely foggy weather. Many sources have confirmed that the DC of Jessor, Md. Mustafijur Rahman, has sent letter with such descriptions of the affected areas. He also admitted that he sent the letter.

Letter to transfer the charges related with the Minority Torture issue to the Quick Trial Tribunal: the charges and related documents of the incidences of arson, vandalizing, looting of houses and business shops etc. over the Minority people are ordered to send to the Ministry of State urgently which could be tried in the Quick Trial Tribunal. The letter, signed by the Deputy Secretary Mijanur Rahman of the Ministry, regarding this issue was sent to the Police HQ, all Division Commissioners, Police Commissioners, DIG, District Magistrates and Police Supers via the Law wing of the Ministry. In this letter it has been urged to send related documents of the incidences of arson, vandalizing, looting of houses and business shops etc. over the Minority people.

Letter to Law Ministry to set up the Tribunal: to ensure the judgments of the charges of torture over the Minority, another letter has also been issued by referring the Secretary of the Law Ministry to set up the “Special Tribunal of Preventing the Torture over The Minority” within the shortest possible time. In this letter it has been said that the incidences of arson, vandalizing, looting of houses and business shops etc. over the Minority people must be considered under the Special Tribunal. It has to be mentioned that after 15th August, 1975 the decision of set up a Special Tribunal was taken. After an urgent meeting of C Q K Mustak, Senior Secretary of the State Ministry, with the officers of the Law Wing of the Ministry, the decision has finally been taken

(Source: Manab Zamin)

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