Awami League men attack, vandalize houses of minority community in Kumarkhali

Houses of minority community were attacked by leaders and activists of ruling Awami League Tuesday night at Kumarkhali in Kustia district for not joining their programme.

Local people alleged that armed supporters of upazilla Awami League president Abdul Mannan Khan are involved in this planned attack at Darirampur village under Jagannathpur union.

The attackers beat people of minority community, ransacked their houses and looted their goods and gold ornaments.

More than four hundred families are now passing time amid utter fear, locals said, adding that they are being given threat over telephone since filing of a case in connection with the attack.

Police said they have arrested two local Awami League activists named Ibrahim and Abdur Rashid and adequate measures to ensure safety and security of minority people have been taken.

Leaders of local BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami have condemned the attack and demanded exemplary punishment of those involved in the attack.

Local sources said, Awami League leaders requested many Hindus including Kartik Ghosh of the village to attend their National Independence Day programme on Tuesday morning. But they became furious when saw people belonging to minority community did not join it.

At around 9 pm, a group of 50/60 people equipped with firearms and other lethal objects led by Isa and Kalam carried out the attack on the houses, creating fear among people of the community.

The attackers beat people, vandalized their houses and looted away valuable goods, cash money and gold ornaments from those houses as people fled to other safer places for fear of their lives.

Families of Ashik, Kartik and Robi Gosh have been worst affected in the attack.

SOURCE: Asia Post

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