Government supporters behind attack on minorities – Bangladesh minority Lawyers Association

image_65258_0Supporters of the ruling party in Bangladesh are involved in the persecution of minorities across the country, says Bangladesh Minority Lawyears Association (BMLA). The organization has demanded the prosecution of real offenders. Alongside, they advocated for reviving the ‘separate electoral procedure’ for the minority Hindus that was in practice during the first half of the twentieth century.

Barrister Nikhilesh Dutt, executive Chairman of the organization, raised the above while speaking at a news conference organized at Dhaka Reporter’s Unity on Thursday. The executive secretary, Gobinda Chandra pramanik and other leaders of the organization also attended the news conference.

Barrister nikhilesa Datta said, lacking strong political leadership, the Hindu community is a victim of the prevailing un-healthy political culture. Ever since independence, the Hindu community has become victim of targeted political violence before and after each national election.

Citing a variety of published news, Barrister Nikhilesh said the government supporters are involved with ongoing oppression on the Hindu community.

Raising the call for re-installing ‘separate electoral procedure’ for the Hindu community, Barrister Dutta said that such a procedure was in place from 1909 to 1954. Under this procedure, 60 seats were reserved for the Hindus across the nation, where the electorate and the candidates were all Hindus.

Translated from Natunbarta

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