Awami league benefited from torture on minorities: Bangladesh Minority Party

Awami League has got benefits from the whole country’s minority persecution, commented by the organizing secretary of Bangladesh Minority party, Probir Mitra. He added, “The Awami League has consumed benefits from the attacks over minorities”. That is known by searching in those places where of the violence occurred, most of the places about 83percent of the involvement was going to the Awami League.

On Sunday afternoon at hall room of national press club, he remarked at a press conference organized for protesting against attacks on minorities & demanding actions against the aggressor quickly.

He alleged that the Hindu leaders of the major political parties are staying but they just enjoy their own merits. They did nothing for the general Hindus. Prabir Mitra told reporters in one question, “The attacks on minorities since independence, has been judging nothing. All political parties are just taking benefits by attacks on minorities. Minorities are not safe in any neighborhood of the Government. ‘ He alleged that law enforcers have neglected their duties as through in 48 districts at 95 villages and towns, the army was deployed. Yet 118 temples & more than 400 idols were vandalized, fired, sacked & raped women including killing by accused.

Translated from banglamail24

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