Minority family accuses Mohiuddin’s wife of plotting to grab land

A minority family on Wednesday alleged that Hasina Mohiuddin, wife of former Chittagong mayor and city Awami League president ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury, was plotting to grab their land.
Zinu Rani Barua, her ailing husband Amal Barua Latu, also a freedom fighter, and their three children made the allegation at a press conference at Chittagong Press Club.
In a written statement, Zinu alleged that she bought a piece of land in the port city from Taposh Chowdhury and the deed of the purchase was registered on June 17, 2001.
She said that Amal was arrested in a ‘fabricated case’ within one month of the registration of the deed ‘at the hint of Hasina Mohiuddin whose husband ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury was the city mayor at that time.’
Hasina Mohiuddin also filed a case claiming ownership of the land in 2001 and as the court dismissed the case in 2005, she filed another case in 2006, Zinu said, adding that the case was still pending with the court.
Zinu said that she never dared to file any cases against Hasina but just filed a general diary in 2002 in the face of repeated threat from Mohiuddin and his men.
On November 12, 2012, a gang attacked them, Zinu said, adding that they managed to save their lives on intervention of the then industry minister Dilip Barua.Hasina_Mohiuddin
Later, Hasina Mohiuddin influenced the Chittagong City Corporation to enlist their dwellings as risky and finally to demolish the house in 20-21 January, 2014.
Immediately after the demolition, Hasina also obtained a court injunction on erecting any structure on the land, Zinu said in tears.
She said that they were now leading subhuman life under open sky after the demolition of their homesteads and were getting repeated threat from former mayor’s assistant personal secretary Shamser Chowdhury and his nephew Novel to vacate the place immediately.
‘I phoned Mohiuddin Chowdhury, but someone who received the phone told me that Mohiuddin did not poke his nose into such matters and advised me to seek relief in legal courses,’ Zinu said.
Zinu sought remedy from the prime minister just to let them live their lives with security and their belongings.
Hasina Mohiuddin’s mobile found switched off.
Mohiuddin Chowdhury, when asked, told New Age that everything would be decided in the court as the matter was now pending with the court.

Source: New Age

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