Comments on news report Police cite 160 attacks on Hindus

“Police cite 160 attacks on Hindus,” published on February 23, 2014

Shahin Huq
Is there any report stating the number of attacks on the Muslims in Bangladesh in the said time period? Have the attacks on Hindus occurred because of their religious affiliation or because of ordinary disputes? Associating BNP-Jamaat with attacks on Hindus is part of the larger politics, because any fair survey will show that Awami League men are the worst attackers on Hindus.

Mehreen Alam
If Jamaat and BNP men were behind “most” attacks, then who were behind the other attacks and how many of the attackers were arrested? I believe the court would be interested in factual evidences and exact numbers, not in which party was mostly involved.

Source: Daily Star

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